Studiorail Context Web Player

Studiorail Context Web Player is the HTML5 player that makes Studiorail Context possible. It's able to read the project files and construct all the project data to a working interactive experience.

Required Recommended
Browser Standard:


Andriod version:

3.0+ 4.0+
iOS version:

10+ 10+

* Requires support to inline video tag

Studiorail Context Creator

Studiorail Context Creator is the software/application that makes it possible for everyone to make a Context Project. It's able to construct project files and transcode all the required media files to "web friendly" format.

Required Recommended

2 GB 4 GB

i3 i5
Free disk space:

200 MB 1 GB
Operating system:

Windows / OSX Windows / OSX
Internet connection:

4 Mbit/s 10 Mbit/s